Getting Your Sex Toys Thru TSA


Summer will soon be upon us, and with it comes vacations and travel for most people.   A recent study has concluded that more than 50% of people say that they are more likely to be intimate while on vacation than at home, either with a partner or with other people.  Traveling in general, is known to provide a boost in your sex drive !  With all that passion brewing, many people will be taking adult toys along on their journeys.  But, figuring out how to pack those items and getting them through airport security can bring about some unanswered questions and anxiety.  Thankfully, we here  answers and some helpful tips to make vacationing with sex toys as easy as possible !

First, it’s always helpful to travel light, and that includes your sex toys.  Choose smaller toys to take along.  You then won’t have to be lugging around a heavy vibrator in your travel bags, and/or have a huge mysterious object to pop on the security monitor.  Instead, pack a petite but powerful toy in an inner pocket of your suitcase.  If you must have it in your carry-on bag, put it in a clear plastic bag.  That way, if TSA screeners open your bag, they can see it, and won’t be putting their hands all over it.

If you’re carrying along any battery operated toys, remove the batteries before traveling.  Having your vibrator accidentally start buzzing as you go through airport security will definitely draw unwanted attention !

Play it cool.  TSA staff are trained to be alerted to travelers who are acting suspiciously.  If you’re acting nervous because you’re worried about a sex toy being observed, they will notice. Try to stay calm, cool, and collected.  You are certainly not the first or the last person to travel with a vibrator.   Own it !  Traveling with sex toys says that you’re comfortable with your sexuality, and that is something to be proud of.

Lastly, do a bit of research beforehand, relating to where you’re traveling to.   Some countries have restrictions on bringing such items into their midst.   The TSA has a handy ‘Can I Bring?’ search tool on its website also, whereas you can enter the names of products (such as ‘vibrator’ or ‘lube’), and you’ll quickly be able to note if any items are forbidden or any restrictions that may apply.  For liquid items such as lube, a good rule of thumb to follow is the TSA’s ‘3 Ounce Rule’.  Liquid items weighing 3 ounces or less are normally permitted.

Have Safe and Happy Summer Travels !